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The miracle of life isn't birth.

it's learning to smile when you should be grieving.

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Difficulty in life concepts~
My name is Tripp~ I'm fifteen. This journal is actually pretty old, to me at least, but I don't feel like switching usernames so deal with it :3 There are three things I can't live without in life~

· My friends
· A smile
· Super Junior

My journal is friends only. Why? No reason in particular, but I just don't want people spying on me -shifty eyes-. Okay, so that's not the real reason but seriously. Because I want only people I share similar interests with and stuff to view my pointless journal posts. I guess they can be pretty interesting, but, yeah. If you want to view the crappiness of my journal, then comment me on one of my posts and let me know why, and I'll add you back. Simple enough.

I'm not a very interesting person, but I'll try to explain myself. I'm extremely random, hyper, and happy. I smile more than anyone should, but who cares? Smiles make the world go 'round. I love k-pop. I love Korea all together. I have very awkward phobias, and when I say phobia, I mean phobia. For example, when I see a picture of Mana, I will freak out and try to hide. I don't know why, I just have a phobiaaaa. I don't know what else to say, really. I'll add stuff later.

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